‘Djokovic wanted to play in Australia but he did not want to play by Australia’s rules.

Ultimately, it is a mess. Even now, close to a week on. We are little nearer to knowing whether Novak Djokovicwill still be in the draw come Monday. Little nearer to finding out whether he will be detained, deported or defending his title.

It is an avoidable, unedifying mess. Australia did not want him in Melbourne, and should have made that clear a long time ago. Instead the hosts granted him a visa and, almost immediately, regretted it. So now, here we are again. Back in blacked out vans, back to Melbourne’s Federal Circuit and Family Court, in front of Justice O’Callaghan, with more legal argument to come.
There was an interview scheduled for 8am Saturday in Melbourne, and further court proceedings slated for 9am Sunday. As ever, Djokovic will not depart without a fight. Yet not even his expensively assembled legal team headed up by Nick Wood SC can guarantee victory this time.

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